Futureneerz – What a Journey


The inspiration behind FUTURENEERZ

I LOVE to develop and nurture young talent!  This ‘love affair’ really started back in 1997. I had completed my first year as a Jameson Brand Ambassador in Portugal and was asked to develop and deliver the Jameson Graduate Programme 3 week training programme in Dublin for the next cohort of Brand Ambassadors. While I was so excited at the prospect of creating and delivering an engaging Jameson training programme, it really drove me to delve deeper into understanding the training needs of the group.  How could I really develop these Jameson Brand Ambassadors to be the best they could be?  The rest as they say is history! I became so passionate about developing young talent that in 2007, I was thrilled to take on the management of the Jameson Graduate Programme globally and continued to lead the programme until 2015.  I was also privileged to lead a number of fabulous young dynamic teams in Irish Distillers – Pernod Ricard over that period of 2007-2015.  I was always so impressed with their drive, ambition and determination. I loved working with this bright, ambitious cohort, but my desire to develop young talent didn’t just focus on Millennials, it actually spanned across the Centennial generation (Generation Z born in 1995 & beyond) too....my children’s generation - primary and secondary school students, university graduates and all those amazing parents who wanted their children to be the best they could be. While I knew I wanted to help young people reach their full potential, I wasn’t sure how exactly or what was my exact business proposition back in 2015 – but I knew I needed to explore its potential!


So I left Irish Distillers in 2015 and embarked on a wonderful journey of discovery! Firstly, I plunged myself into a journey of self-discovery while studying to be an Executive Coach with Positive Success Group (PSG) at the Marino Institute, Dublin and qualified in October 2015. I absolutely cherished my coaching journey where I really explored who I was as a person, a coach, what were my values, what did I stand for. I really pushed myself to define my business purpose, what was my niche market, what was my authentic voice in the world! 8 months ago the idea of FUTURENEERZ – Future Leader Pioneers was born!

Now don’t get me wrong...it wasn’t as easy as it sounds!!  It took a lot of research, reflecting and refining to really nail my purpose, honour my values and own my authentic voice ! I have to be honest, I was nervous at the thought of sharing my purpose with the world, but the desire to learn more about GEN Z & GEN Y and evoke transformative change in individuals, teams and organisations really pushed me out of my comfort zone!


In order to add real value to organisations, I knew I needed to immerse myself in the whole world of Millennials & Centennials – understanding their needs, wants & wishes. I needed to get under the skin of the millennial mindset in the workplace as well as the pain points and motivations of their managers.

So in early 2016, I nose-dived into a significant and wide-reaching research effort aimed at helping businesses and employers understand their millennial generation. I gathered the data from a variety of sources, including on-line research, Millennials & managers of Millennials focus group panels, on-line surveys and extensive desktop research from highly reputable experts in this area (including the Gallup Foundation who have engaged in decades of research around Millennials, strengths-based culture and employee engagement).


Through this extensive research effort, I analysed and uncovered the most important findings related to Millennials and managers of Millennials including what they want from their boss and organisation and what I termed as their conditions to thrive. 


I’m delighted to say that our research effort is on-going! FUTURENEERZ now has a fabulous research panel of Millennials and Managers of Millennials who help us stay real and keep our finger on the pulse! They ensure our insights and offerings are practical and relevant to the ever changing workplace.



At FUTURENEERZ, we are truly passionate about developing and nurturing talent and promise to provide real insights, strategies and practical innovative solutions that will help drive high performance and team engagement. We actively listen to the needs of the organisation. We see ourselves as a Generation Y & Z lense for organisations to really understand the Millennial mindset & identify what is needed for both junior and middle management to reach their full potential. We will support you in the co-creation of a clear journey roadmap – reviewing where you are NOW and where do you want to go in the FUTURE.



At FUTURENEERZ, we know from our research, it is critical that organisations build a strengths based culture in order to recruit, retain and develop Millennials. As a GALLUP Strengths coach, I can provide the latest strengths, employee engagement trends/research insights as well as offer strengths based development and coaching and engagement workshops to further develop your young talent.

"If you’re interested in finding out more about how FUTURENEERZ can help you and your organisation then Contact Us TODAY! – we’d love to talk to you!"