Conditions to thrive

By 2025, over 75% of the workforce will be Millennials, ARE YOU READY?

The modern workplace presents many challenges for employees and managers, including changing job requirements, fast-moving technology, global connectedness and matrixed teams.  Millennials also place new demands on managers. The workplace is evolving, and so must the way employees are managed and developed.

At FUTURENEERZ, we have seen this clearly through our research to date in Ireland as well as highly reputed international research reports such as Gallup's latest reportHow Millennials Want to Work and Live. Over the past 40 years, Gallup has studied tens of thousands of teams globally to learn more about the issues, pain points, challenges they face, the techniques managers, teams and organisations use to create highly engaged teams, and most importantly, the things that high-performing teams do that distinguish them from others. 

At FUTURENEERZ, we call these distinguishing factors ‘Conditions to Thrive’. There are 3 core conditions that companies focus on in order to drive high performance and engagement.

1. Passion & Purpose

•   Organisations provide a Clear Vision, Company Purpose & Inclusive Culture to their workforce.

•  Team success ultimately depends on the team’s ability to identify and focus on a compelling vision or common purpose and understand the role each member plays in reaching that vision.

 2. Trust & Strengths Based Culture

•  Trust is a core company value & cornerstone of organisational behaviour.

•  Companies embrace a strengths based culture. Team members are aware of their unique talents and how they can help the team respond to or achieve the common goals.  They also know how the others on the team can best contribute. As such, they act interdependently.

•  They have an understanding of how each person is inclined to think, act, and feel.  This awareness helps the team navigate the issues all teams encounters. Certain talents make team members adept at conflict management, documenting the team’s work, setting direction, influencing others etc.  In short, they understand how the team can work best together.

3. Cash + Love

•  While a competitive package is required to recruit and retain Millennials.  The No.1 driver for Millennials is development! They are most interested in opportunities to learn and grow, as well as a manager who cares about them as people. They want interesting work that makes a difference in the world and aligns with their personal sense of purpose. They don’t want to be micro-managed, they want to be coached with constant feedback and communication with the opportunity to advance as they develop.

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It turns out that what is really important in building a great team is the individual.  It is how each person thinks about his or her contribution within the context of the others on the team and how each person combines his or her strengths with the complementary strengths of others to tackle challenges together.

The team’s aim is to achieve excellence and get the most out of each team member’s natural talents. In building great teams, it is therefore important to start by understanding and appreciating each team member’s talents and intentionally leveraging these to reach the collective team goal.

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